Saturday, January 21, 2012


I was pretty busy with my schedule due to which I was unable to post anything regarding “style of learning”. As I am a voluntary student of psychology, I do learn it as a part of my study. It’s pretty interesting to hear that “we all learn” even a student in classroom or even a person working in his office or a athlete who is preparing himself for Olympic games. Everyone do learn, but in there way. In there unique way of learning called “style of learning".

Let me give some interesting fact about learning. How learning can be used in a freaky way. It’s better to start with an example right?

 You all have seen “Magic” how magicians perform some trick to which you say “how did he do, that?”  Later you find he actually played with your “attention”.

Let me show you a video

 Did you see that!!!!! Ha!! you may be calling it a gimmick/trick/illusion etc. But basically it a part of learning model.

What did he really do?

Sincerely he played with your style of learning. He used your disadvantage of “Visual learning”. He knows that your brains Major source of data is collected from your eyes. So, he distracted your eyes with some freaky moves (I think you have seen his hands when performing) where your brain understands it as “grabbing a ball” but it isn’t that. It is because of his body language. “Where he is saying you that he is gabbing that ball”

As I always say, every learning style has its own “Advantage and Disadvantage”. So, I am committed to post only advantage of style of learning. "No Black Magic"

So in my next article I will be posting “how to use and develop your, style of learning”