Saturday, January 21, 2012


I was pretty busy with my schedule due to which I was unable to post anything regarding “style of learning”. As I am a voluntary student of psychology, I do learn it as a part of my study. It’s pretty interesting to hear that “we all learn” even a student in classroom or even a person working in his office or a athlete who is preparing himself for Olympic games. Everyone do learn, but in there way. In there unique way of learning called “style of learning".

Let me give some interesting fact about learning. How learning can be used in a freaky way. It’s better to start with an example right?

 You all have seen “Magic” how magicians perform some trick to which you say “how did he do, that?”  Later you find he actually played with your “attention”.

Let me show you a video

 Did you see that!!!!! Ha!! you may be calling it a gimmick/trick/illusion etc. But basically it a part of learning model.

What did he really do?

Sincerely he played with your style of learning. He used your disadvantage of “Visual learning”. He knows that your brains Major source of data is collected from your eyes. So, he distracted your eyes with some freaky moves (I think you have seen his hands when performing) where your brain understands it as “grabbing a ball” but it isn’t that. It is because of his body language. “Where he is saying you that he is gabbing that ball”

As I always say, every learning style has its own “Advantage and Disadvantage”. So, I am committed to post only advantage of style of learning. "No Black Magic"

So in my next article I will be posting “how to use and develop your, style of learning”

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ITC: is thr any breakout?

Geometric Ltd: what did i say?

i had informed everyone that we will see a reversal. i had told this "not once but twice".

What did i say?
It is around a month i had told that Geometric Ltd will go into a correction and head for a higher high. yes my dear friends i was right and the stock moved as i had predicted.

What's new?
there is nothing new for know. nor i had posted this to predict a reversal nor continuation. just to say that i am right.

Monday, January 9, 2012

TATA MOTORS:What's my Theory?

As we have seen TATA MOTORS struggling to touch my 1st target. i was eager to know the reason behind. i had seen many technical analyst giving 205/207 as resistance. it drew me into confusion. that's the reason i was not able to post any article in my blog


Friday, January 6, 2012

what's my plan for 2012?

From last December I have been studying a unique subject in psychology. Today I have completed a month studying that topic. Today I am back with my plan for 2012. Even though it was ready last December but not properly designed.

What are the special things, I am doing for this year?

In this year, I am going to complete chapter 9,10,11,13&18 of my book(TA of the FM, by Jhon.J.Murphy). Which cover moving average, Elliot wave theory and all indicators.

Along with it

I had committed to know about F&O last year itself. One of my friend have promised to get to know something about it. Even though it is not my special interest, but it is part of my expedition.  

Something regarding my experience with Technical Analysis in 2011

Many people have misconception regarding TA calling it “statistics” with lots of formulas,rules etc etc.. But TA is bit unique form statistics. You can call TA as applied statistics. TA have few set of indications, which mean if a particular sequence happen then the market react in defined way. TA is nothing related to picking your calculator. It is the type of analysis which is used in stock market to understand/ predicts market scenarios. It helps us to understand market sentiments, behaviour and reaction.

     “I always go red when my fellow friends say. Do technical analysis                                                                                   fail?”

There is nothing called as failure of technical analysis. What really fail, is your analysis. Technical analyses really say the present scenario of market. And you predict future by some trendlines, indicators, oscillator, parameters and some patterns.

Even I had a big “? Mark” in my head

I was in a state of confusion for over 6 to 7 months. Even I clearly didn’t knew about it. Day by day, 1 by 1, little by little stated knowing things what I had never knew
As said
            Rome was not built in a day”

Even I can’t have a burger in a single bite  


ATMA is an association which provide an umbrella link for all those people who are having interest towards TA. It not only provides an education it provide a unique social networking where many people share there analysis (those are not money making tips, those are knowledge making tips).

“A new year with new ambition, enthusiasm, a mission heading for a change”

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tata Motors: Breakout in Symmetrical Triangle

 I was looking for this for more than 15days month. Know we have seen a positive breakout in the Symmetrical Triangle. As this is my 1st time working on symmetrical triangle I don’t want to take any risk. I have gone with a stop loss of 184 and hooked Tata Motors

I have started working on targets.

“I hope my measuring technique is correct. I feel it’s better to use fib lines to identify the resistance of Tata Motors”