Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tata Steel: It’s again. I AM RIGHT

I have been saying again and again. Gaps are playing games. In spite my analysis gave whopping returns of +45% which was unexpected as per my analysis.

Later, I came with a new prediction that Tata Steel is going to fall. As there was a good sentiment in the market, the stock was successful filling the gap again. After which we saw the stock with a reversal and carrying a sideway pattern.

What’s next?
The stock is not technically strong and I am looking for a support as per the above chart. It will to too early to say anything before we see a pattern.

Moving Average Crossover Divergence is about to make an another bearish crossover

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IVRCL: Not my bet!

Recently IVRCL stated showing sign of a possible reversal. I am sticking to my point saying “the stock is not having any potential to make a higher high.”

 We have seen correction more than expected. Which is eventually had affected the growth wave.

"Even though we have seen a bullish crossover(MACD) I stick to say, the stock have lost the potential  to mover higher."

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