Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tata Steel: Regular Bullish Divergence

No one trusted me when i told i found a reversal. I am still bullish. the reason to be bullish is because we have seen  some divergence in TATASTL. we may expect some positive sentiments in market.  

Hear tata stl is making LL, but MACD is making HL. As the divergence is not strong. we need to play with "Caution" 

statuary warning: Go with a Stop Loss. As I have told you "I am not playing for Profit, I am playing for my EGO". profit doesn't matter. you are picking a stock with downtrend. so risk is very high.


Friends in last article I had told you about Style of learning. Know in this part, I will be explaining how to know where you belong. Hear we will be doing something called as “behavioural analysis”. Your behaviour is a reflection of your Sub-conscious mind and we will be trying to know what’s going into your mind. The analysis that we are doing is by a very famous psychologist called Fleming’s VAK Model

Hear we will be looking at some behavioural question to know yourself better from what you actually are.

Take a paper and note down answer as “Yes”, “No” and “occasionally”
Note: all the heads namely audio, visual, and kinaesthetic need to be answered separately.
Auditory Learning

  • You read very loud, so that you can hear your voice
  • You are good at grammar
  • You always love to speak. But hate to right
  • I enjoy songs and concentrate on lyrics in song
  • I cant keep quit for long time

Visual learning

·         I am good at spelling
·         When I read I want complete silence
·         I love colours and fashion
·         I can understand graph, charts &figures.
·         I am good in understanding sign language.

Kinesthetic learning

  • I can’t sit for long time. At least I start playing with my hand or shake my leg
  • I don’t have good handwriting and I am not good writing long answers
  • I like science lab
  • I love adventure and good at sports
  • I build models and experiment/play with it.

 The category which is have more “yes”, that is your “Style of learning”.

“In my next part I will be posting an article on HOW TO USE YOUR LEARNING TYPE?”

                                                                               To be continued…


What is Learning?

Learning is acquiring new or modifying existing knowledgebehaviorsskillsvalues, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals and some machines. Progress over time tends to follow learning curves.

Every person has his own style of learning. It happens with everyone, everyone learn. It is not limited to a student. Even in an organisation we need learning, it is an endless process which will continue as long as you are alive.

Types of learning

  • Auditory Learning: In this type of learning a person/student grasp from what they ear and hear it. These are the type of people who are effective in hearing and don’t give much importance what they see. In some case these types of people also finds unnecessary when your teacher write on your board. What really happen in there brain?  They copy all the sentence/world/rhythm and remember whole thing as it is. When needed they recover from the part which is situated at upper part of your ear called as “Auditory Cortex” which store, what we hear.  

  • Visual Learning: The people of this category are said to prefer to sit at 1st bench in there school days. They look at body language, what is written on board etc. These are basically “see and learn” group, who love to see and copy that image in there brain. The image you see is stored in a part called “Optical Cortex”. When you need any information you remember by an image in your brain.

  • Kinesthetic  Learning: In early psychological expedition this type of learning was underestimated. Later they found the real power of Motor cortex and association cortex. I don’t want to confuse you all. It is learning by experiment where you actually feel, touch and experience. These are the things what an employee do in his early days of this job and carry on. The reason why many company ask your work experience. Actually they are not asking your work experience they are asking your kinaesthetic experience. That is how well you are connected to your job.

How brain work in learning process?
Our brain is a wonderful process machine each and every part of you brain are given there specified job and they do there job collectively. In above we have seen how our brain collects information. Know all the collected information is processed and a mental picture emerge(your brain think from the collected data you are having in your brain)  this is done by a part of our brain called “Association Cortex”

“This is my  1st part where I have described how your brain works collectively for your learning. In later parts I will be explaining you how to identify yourself? And where do you fall in these categories. This is a universal principal; it is not only applicable learning Technical Analysis, but also many things in your life. It might be your regular curriculum or something Weird what I do”
                                                                                                            To be continued…..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tata Steel: Updated Version

Hello friends a month back I have spotted the reversal and told you that I am “neutral” on buying Tata Steel. There wear many reasons to be neutral. But I have told you that “Tata Steel is in a downtrend, and follow the channel”. Tata Steel doesn’t reach your support and resistance. Thus caused a bit nervous and confused but, I was right saying Tata Steel in downtrend.

Today I am once again back saying I have once again spotted a reversal. This time it’s not “Profit Factor” it’s “EGO Factor”.

This time I am playing Tata Steel with targets of 370/375/380+. SL 340

Note: When you are uncertain in buying any stock “Never Buy”. It not only creates confusion, it leads you in a state of “Panic”, which cause you to make low profit, sometimes loss. I have avoided Tata Steel as was not confident in buying.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Must see: If u want to b a Trader/Investor in Stock Market?

Hi friends this is documentary that I had seen around 6 months ago. and this is one such video which created a curiosity to know more and more. If you want to enter into such market you need Right Talent, Intelligence and  Knowledge. It is recommended that before entering any market you should need to know the insight view of it. And this video do say that.

This video is quit lengthy and some of my friends had felt boring to see this, so i recommend to see this with a curiosity. I hope this video will obviously through some light.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reliance Industries Ltd: catching a falling knife

There is no reason to be bullish.. Yes I am confident in saying that. From last few days we have seen in downtrend. Know we have not seen any sign of a “reversal”. It is better to stay away from this stock.

If reliance manage to break that downtrend channel. We may think to hook it. As per know “avoid it”

Tata Motors: Waiting for breakout

90% I am bullish, 10% I am not.

We have seen a bullish crossover in MACD, where we have seen 2 main possibilities for buying. I can blindly buy, but I am waiting for “c”. If we see a positive breakout then it is a potential buy. I have not willing to take a risk as it is my 1st time playing with “Symmetric Triangle”

We have seen a potential crossover
MACD: we have seen a positive crossover
MACD: zero line/centre line crossovers

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tata Motors: looking good

A symmetrical triangle.

I hope I have got it right this time.

Yes, I have clarified. It's a Symmetrical Triangle.

Geometric Ltd: Yes, I am right……

Hi friends once again my analysis was right. As soon as I saw the divergence I tapped my shoulders, told myself “Good  Job!!!”… Soon a day or so MACD showed a negative crossover, conforming what I had told.

Today I am back with supports levels. Even MACD and Parabolic SAR are strong. I hope my supports levels will work.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rel Com Ltd: Did you see that?

I was in a confusion, calling it a Symmetric Triangle or Descending Triangle. After a short conversation a Technical Analyst told me that it's a Descending Triangle. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What did i really do,this year?

Hello friends I was bit busy after my exams. On dec 12th I had completed a year into Stock Market. My personal experience can’t be described in world. I just loved what I did/doing.

A question always hit my mind “what you really learnt in this whole year?”

The answer is mind blowing; you can do anything and everything. You just need dedication; I have a basic rule led by the great Kabir in his Dhohas:

"करत करत अभ्यास के, जड़मति होत सुजान
रसरी आवत जात ते, सिल पर परत निसान"

There are 4 mode of learning and one of them is “Trial and Error Method”. Last whole year I had spent whole of my year I had spent in hunting for knowledge, a right one. In this year I had spent most of my time in confusion, quest and with a bunch of question etc etc

I some time feel, I had spent whole year just looking and learning. Did you know what I learnt? Ok let me be truthful, what your college or university teach is completely different what people do as there career and I have seen such people in market..

·          A person who complete GNIIT in Delhi and work as a successful Broker.
·         A person who complete his in Bio and work as on stock market analyst.
·         A horoscope reader who give his business a new dimension called “Stock market Astrologer”
·         A person who graduate in Arts and end as a Teacher of TA.

After seeing such people in market I was really inspired. If they can do, why can’t I do. This question dragged me into many sleepless nights at last I decided to enter into a world of “Demand and Supply” . This is a world where even an Expert gets cheated off. An university/ institute will just teach you what is what. I even don’t have that…

Since from my childhood I have a rule “No knowledge goes waste, grab it as much as you can”. I think this may be the reason why my friends call me “scientist”. Last 6 month back I need to decide my stream in college. I had 2 options:

  • Finance
  • Marketing

This was much difficult to judge. I even took the last minute to think before I let my name into specialized stream.

Finance(Stock market) is my interest and marketing is my talent(where I am good at). I have a deep understanding on Marketing and advertisement, I cant underestimate my talent. It was just 2/3 month that I had Started learning Technical Analysis.

Marketing/Finance din’t give me any difference. I was the only freak in the whole college who used to borrow books on “Investment Management, Option & future Trading etc” I still remember 1st day in my marketing class where I was asked to leave class as they misunderstood me as a finance guy. I was so dedicated to what I was doing.

When my fellow friends come to know about this “They laugh at me, they insulted me and they criticised me”

Today, I don’t give any guarantee that, I will make my career in Stock Market. But Technical Analysis will be a integral part of my life. I have a deep desire to learn Economics and Fundamental Analysis. I hope I will complete it in next few years.

From 4th dec I have started a new topic which is not at all related to Stock Market. It is on psychology, it may take another 6 months to complete it so I will give less concentration on TA and other aspects.

Last but not the least

“ you will never come to know the depth of water until and unless you jump into it”

Monday, December 5, 2011

Geometric Limited: “Wait, Watch and Hook”

Geometric Limited is looking attractive according to Technical aspects. The company had managed to break the downtrend channel. I would not recommend to Buy at this level as RSI is “not” showing +ve signals. It would be better if we buy it after a short correction. As geometric have started testing resistance, it would be better if we buy after correction. Geometric have “not” shown any reversal.

As MACD  is bit strong, I feel we may spot a BARR- Bump & Run Reversal. I am confident on my analysis.

“Wait, Watch and Hunch”