Friday, October 25, 2013

Best financial documentaries to watch in your MBA

The documentaries/films below are by personal collection and are available on \\Swagat (Intra-college network available only for Bapuji B-schools students ). They are basically the documentaries seen by me on recommendation by fellow friends, well-wishers and few browsing over internet .
The documentaries are as follows

·         Inside Jobs: A wonderful documentary on financial crisis 2007-9. The documentary is divided into 5 parts and a very informative documentary concentrating on every aspect of 2007-9 crises. The documentary throw light on

·         The Ascent of Money: This an Ultimate finance film by a Harvard professor Niall Ferguson's. The film not only speaks on bubble but on all aspects of money, starting from the ancient money to e-money. The film was shown on History Channel in 6 frequent episodes.

·         Too Big to Fail: This was the film that I found digging Dr.Garag’s treasure on swagat(Intra-college network available only for Bapuji B-schools students ). An wonderful film on Leman Brothers collapse. It discuss on minute by minute details of Leman’s fall.


 Rogue Trader: A film on Baring Banks collapse. It show how  Nick Leeson made  unapproved financial transactions. The film is a dramatic form of a documentary 25 Million Pounds.

·         25 Million Pounds: The best film to watch; not only for Finance students but for Human Resource. It speak very fine details of  Nick Leeson dobby accounts and fake transcripts.

·         The Midas Formula:  The documentary is by BBC and an details film on  Black–Scholes formula. Black Scholes is an option pricing model, The Ascent of money have a specific episode on Black Scholes and its failure. Black Scholes model is yet to be discussed in next year of Risk Management (VTU).

·         Million Dollar Traders: the film is on Rookie Traders in financial crises of 2007-9 Lex van Dam.  Lex van Dam is a turtle and is been trained by Richard Dennis. A wonderful film if you want to in invest/ trade in stock market. The film is basically based to showcase every aspect what it takes to be a trader.

·         FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution: finding time to watch. for more details click here