Thursday, December 29, 2011


Friends in last article I had told you about Style of learning. Know in this part, I will be explaining how to know where you belong. Hear we will be doing something called as “behavioural analysis”. Your behaviour is a reflection of your Sub-conscious mind and we will be trying to know what’s going into your mind. The analysis that we are doing is by a very famous psychologist called Fleming’s VAK Model

Hear we will be looking at some behavioural question to know yourself better from what you actually are.

Take a paper and note down answer as “Yes”, “No” and “occasionally”
Note: all the heads namely audio, visual, and kinaesthetic need to be answered separately.
Auditory Learning

  • You read very loud, so that you can hear your voice
  • You are good at grammar
  • You always love to speak. But hate to right
  • I enjoy songs and concentrate on lyrics in song
  • I cant keep quit for long time

Visual learning

·         I am good at spelling
·         When I read I want complete silence
·         I love colours and fashion
·         I can understand graph, charts &figures.
·         I am good in understanding sign language.

Kinesthetic learning

  • I can’t sit for long time. At least I start playing with my hand or shake my leg
  • I don’t have good handwriting and I am not good writing long answers
  • I like science lab
  • I love adventure and good at sports
  • I build models and experiment/play with it.

 The category which is have more “yes”, that is your “Style of learning”.

“In my next part I will be posting an article on HOW TO USE YOUR LEARNING TYPE?”

                                                                               To be continued…