Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reliance Industries Ltd: catching a falling knife

There is no reason to be bullish.. Yes I am confident in saying that. From last few days we have seen in downtrend. Know we have not seen any sign of a “reversal”. It is better to stay away from this stock.

If reliance manage to break that downtrend channel. We may think to hook it. As per know “avoid it”

Tata Motors: Waiting for breakout

90% I am bullish, 10% I am not.

We have seen a bullish crossover in MACD, where we have seen 2 main possibilities for buying. I can blindly buy, but I am waiting for “c”. If we see a positive breakout then it is a potential buy. I have not willing to take a risk as it is my 1st time playing with “Symmetric Triangle”

We have seen a potential crossover
MACD: we have seen a positive crossover
MACD: zero line/centre line crossovers

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tata Motors: looking good

A symmetrical triangle.

I hope I have got it right this time.

Yes, I have clarified. It's a Symmetrical Triangle.

Geometric Ltd: Yes, I am right……

Hi friends once again my analysis was right. As soon as I saw the divergence I tapped my shoulders, told myself “Good  Job!!!”… Soon a day or so MACD showed a negative crossover, conforming what I had told.

Today I am back with supports levels. Even MACD and Parabolic SAR are strong. I hope my supports levels will work.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rel Com Ltd: Did you see that?

I was in a confusion, calling it a Symmetric Triangle or Descending Triangle. After a short conversation a Technical Analyst told me that it's a Descending Triangle. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What did i really do,this year?

Hello friends I was bit busy after my exams. On dec 12th I had completed a year into Stock Market. My personal experience can’t be described in world. I just loved what I did/doing.

A question always hit my mind “what you really learnt in this whole year?”

The answer is mind blowing; you can do anything and everything. You just need dedication; I have a basic rule led by the great Kabir in his Dhohas:

"करत करत अभ्यास के, जड़मति होत सुजान
रसरी आवत जात ते, सिल पर परत निसान"

There are 4 mode of learning and one of them is “Trial and Error Method”. Last whole year I had spent whole of my year I had spent in hunting for knowledge, a right one. In this year I had spent most of my time in confusion, quest and with a bunch of question etc etc

I some time feel, I had spent whole year just looking and learning. Did you know what I learnt? Ok let me be truthful, what your college or university teach is completely different what people do as there career and I have seen such people in market..

·          A person who complete GNIIT in Delhi and work as a successful Broker.
·         A person who complete his in Bio and work as on stock market analyst.
·         A horoscope reader who give his business a new dimension called “Stock market Astrologer”
·         A person who graduate in Arts and end as a Teacher of TA.

After seeing such people in market I was really inspired. If they can do, why can’t I do. This question dragged me into many sleepless nights at last I decided to enter into a world of “Demand and Supply” . This is a world where even an Expert gets cheated off. An university/ institute will just teach you what is what. I even don’t have that…

Since from my childhood I have a rule “No knowledge goes waste, grab it as much as you can”. I think this may be the reason why my friends call me “scientist”. Last 6 month back I need to decide my stream in college. I had 2 options:

  • Finance
  • Marketing

This was much difficult to judge. I even took the last minute to think before I let my name into specialized stream.

Finance(Stock market) is my interest and marketing is my talent(where I am good at). I have a deep understanding on Marketing and advertisement, I cant underestimate my talent. It was just 2/3 month that I had Started learning Technical Analysis.

Marketing/Finance din’t give me any difference. I was the only freak in the whole college who used to borrow books on “Investment Management, Option & future Trading etc” I still remember 1st day in my marketing class where I was asked to leave class as they misunderstood me as a finance guy. I was so dedicated to what I was doing.

When my fellow friends come to know about this “They laugh at me, they insulted me and they criticised me”

Today, I don’t give any guarantee that, I will make my career in Stock Market. But Technical Analysis will be a integral part of my life. I have a deep desire to learn Economics and Fundamental Analysis. I hope I will complete it in next few years.

From 4th dec I have started a new topic which is not at all related to Stock Market. It is on psychology, it may take another 6 months to complete it so I will give less concentration on TA and other aspects.

Last but not the least

“ you will never come to know the depth of water until and unless you jump into it”

Monday, December 5, 2011

Geometric Limited: “Wait, Watch and Hook”

Geometric Limited is looking attractive according to Technical aspects. The company had managed to break the downtrend channel. I would not recommend to Buy at this level as RSI is “not” showing +ve signals. It would be better if we buy it after a short correction. As geometric have started testing resistance, it would be better if we buy after correction. Geometric have “not” shown any reversal.

As MACD  is bit strong, I feel we may spot a BARR- Bump & Run Reversal. I am confident on my analysis.

“Wait, Watch and Hunch”