Monday, May 26, 2014

Analysis on Request: Gitanjali Gems Ltd

Gitanjali Gems on a Glimpse:
Most of all companies who are into Gold business have been badly hit by the Raghuram Rajan's measure to control deficit last year. Which eventually affected the stocks like Titan, Gitanjali PCJ, TBZ etc. But the most important fact for the observation here is Gitanjali have Rs.3000cr as Debt and there net profit is growing year by year. The stock need to recover from the Raghuram's policy. Along with it, the end of Gold Rush saga will also bring a huge impact on companies operational activities

Recently, RBI eased gold import rules which benefited various people like jewelers, traders, Bullion dealers and banks. But, Raghuram imposed many other  restriction on gold apart import restriction like transaction tax and curbs on ETF. The underlying demand for gold is unchanged and company have potential sales opportunities. I am expecting munch more friendly measure so that it benefit companies like Gitanjali Gems.

Technical Analysis
Technically this stock is strong and recently shown a major crossover of 100DMA & 200DMA. Currently the stock is in consolidation. Untill and unless I see the reversal it is unclear to comment on it.